Traviata è la gioia dell’amore incondizionato e della passione per la vita. Traviata diventa la malinconia della perdita. Traviata sono le sfumature dell’esistenza umana, dalle note brillanti a quelle gravi, dalle tonalità maggiori a quelli minori si susseguono le fasi della vita, del pensiero e dell’esperienza umana.


Bicentenario Verdiano – Patrizia Genovesi photographer – Donne di Giuseppe Verdi – Lady Macbeth hatches and weaves the plot of reality surrounding her. She drives her husband to crime, makes fun of fate making the story flow to her benefit. But while controlling the world she loses herself, madness takes hold of her, and life flows away from her. The life she had always pursued arrogantly, as an immortal, abandons her while her story goes on with its inexorable run to the prophesied destiny.
The pictures and videos show her frame by frame while she grows more and more dislocated with respect to her body, trapped into the claustrophobic space of her mind, which yields fragments of reality first to dream and finally to insanity.